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We heart eating out

There is nothing the lastminute lovelies like more than dining out - be it a special dinner with the main squeeze or a group of BFFs on the town, a lovely meal and great company is hard to beat. So working in partnership with Dimmi, help you find the best places to dine whether you are planning a night out of the house or if you are on the road. Browse through our restaurants, check out what diners thought and log in with Facebook to see if any of your friends have been - now that's research. 

PLUS - We know you love a freebie so we've also put a cherry on top - each time you book and review restaurants you collect points towards your next meal - delish.
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Status - Pending

When you book with Dimmi we award you Dimmi Rewards points which remain pending until after your dining experience is complete. Please allow up to 30 days after your dining experience for points to be transferred from Pending to Earned.